Reversed Chirality in Horns, or
Is Left Right? The Horn, on the Other Hand

A study of "backwards" horns from the Baroque to the present.
 Historic Brass Society Journal, 2003

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Anonymous High B♭ Descant

Austrian High Tuning

Bergonzi Corno da Caccia con Chiavi

Firma Ed. Kruspe

The First Double Horn by Kruspe (1897)
and D.R.G.M. 84240 (Kruspe, 1897)

D.R.G.M. 182 267 (Kruspe, 1902)

Friedrich Gumpert Model

C.F. Schmidt Fabrikant

A Study of C.F. Schmidt Horns

Friedrich Adolf Schmidt

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About "Walzen" Horns

Mason Jones' Mouthpieces

Biographies of Horn Players

Life and Times of a Horn Player 

Here's a Sampling of the Collection
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Cor d'Orchestre

France, ca.1830
Stoelzel Valves

France, ca.1840
Vienna Horn

Vienna?, ca.1840?
Berliner Pumpen Valves

Germany, ca.1840
Josef Cidrich
Vienna Horn

Brno, ca.1870
F. Van Cauwelaert
Cor ŕ Pistons

Belgium, ca.1871
Ferdinando Roth

Italy, ca.1875
Single Eb 

Germany, ca.1880?
Single with Crooks

Germany, ca.1885
Gautrot Breveté
Cor d'Harmonie
France, ca.1890
Single F

Germany?, ca.1890?
Single F

Germany, ca.1900?
Alexander Descant
Bb/High F

Germany, ca.1950s
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