Label :
Serial Number:
Date of Manufacture:
G (with accompanying "stecker")
3 Rotary (right-handed)
Mouthpipe Socket:
Bell Flare:
Bell Throat:
Bell Diameter:
Base Metal:
brass with nickel silver trim
raw brass

This horn appears to be an adaptation of a left-handed horn for right-handed use. The wide spaced braces on the corpus are similar to those found on horns by Cerveney and other eastern european makers. Cerveny offered right-handed horns on several models in its catalog. In this case it is more likely a one-off specimen made from primarily stock parts. The valve levers and mouthpipe have been reversed with the latter snaked somewhat awkwardly through to the tuning slide on the opposite side. This leaves the valve slides on the player's side and the main tuning slide on the audience side.

Details such as this bell brace plate show a similarity with those found on horns from eastern european factories.
The short "stecker" that accompanied the horn puts it in the key of G. Longer terminal crooks provide the more common valved horn keys of F, E, Eb, etc.



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