If you studied with Lorenzo Sansone you would play a horn like this
Five-Valve Single B♭ Horn

New York
No. 4 (5-valve Single B♭)
Serial Number:
Date of Manufacture:
5 rotary
1.190 cm.
Bell Flare:
ca. 7.0 cm.
Bell Diameter:
31.1 cm.
Base Metal:
(re-)lacquered, bell interior silver plated

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This five-valve horn in was invented in 1914 by Lorenzo Sansone to solve certain problems he saw in the standard double horn. To a three valve B♭ horn he added a fourth valve effective to provide the fundamental and harmonics of the F horn. A fifth valve not only provides an E horn and an A horn (according to its slide adjustment) but also makes hand muting easy on the B♭ horn since it provides the necessary 3/4 tone lowering. Starting in 1916 this model was imported from Kruspe. Sansone established his own shop at 1658 Broadway in New York in 1925 advertising it as The Worlds Largest French Horn House. but only began producing this model himself in 1954.
Lorenzo Sansone (1881-1975) was born in Monte Santagelo, Italy. Since his father did not support his early interest in music he learned how to make his own instruments and taught himself how to play them. At age ten he began playing fluegelhorn in the town band and at age thirteen he was hired to play horn in a band in San Severo. In 1903, Sansone emigrated to the United States and was hired immediatly by Chiafferellis Italian Band. In 1906 he became the conductor of the Ventura California City Band where he engaged in composing and arranging as well. Upon leaving Ventura, Sansone took up a career playing with a number of orchestras from coast to coast., often describing himself as solo horn whether actually principal or not: Los Angeles (ca. 1906), Denver (1909-1910), St. Paul (1911), St. Louis (1912-1915), Chicago (summer 1914), Cincinnati (1915-1916, 1917-1918), Chicago Opera (1916-1917), Detroit (1918-1919), New York Symphony (1920-1922), Beethoven Symphony Orchestra (1927- ?), National Broadcasting Orchestra (1929-?) , and Metropolitan Opera (1931-1933).

Lorenzo Sansone was a prolific composer, publisher, and arranger of music for horn. In 1961 all of his copyrights were sold to Southern Music Company. He taught nearly 300 students in his tenure at the Julliard School from 1921 to 1946. Thereafter he maintained his own private studio with many of his students going on to professional careers.

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