If you studied with Albert Sombrun you would play a trompe like this
Pélisson, Guinot & Blanchon

Trompe de Chasse

[ribbon logo]MAISON 1812 COUTURIER
Trompe de Chasse
Serial Number :
Date of Manufacture:
ca. 1905

Mouthpipe Socket:

Bell Flare:

Bell Throat:

Bell Diameter:

Base Metal:
Raw brass, painted bell

The firm of Pélisson Frères & Cie was founded in about 1875 as successors to Couturier in Lyon located at Cours Lafayette 71 (later also at Rue Impériale 22 (1878), Rue Lafayette 223 (1881), and Rue Lafayette 273 (1895)) and also in Paris at Rue d'Hauteville, 64, (later Rue Richier 34 (1885) and Rue de l'Echiquier 40 (1895)). In 1878 the firm was trading as "Couturier (A. Pélisson , Guignot et Cie. succr.)." By about 1900 it had a large factory in Lyon employing about 100 workers. By 1905 it became Pélisson , Guinot & Blanchon as found on this instrument. It continued to flourish in both Paris and Lyon until sometime before 1931 when it became Gaillard Martel & Loiselet. The partners are also found listed individually as "Blanchon et Cie", "A. Pélisson", and "Guinot et Cie." 

Albert Sombrun, Professeur de Tromp à Paris was the author of a two-volume set of instructions for the chausseur entitled L'Art de Sonner de la Trompe, published by Alphonse-Leduc sometime prior to 1899. These comprehensive instructions are in three parts: Volume One (Part 1) includes basic information on how to hold the trompe, embouchure, fundamentals of music and basic calls followed by sections on Fanfares des Avertissments en des Circonstances, Fanfares des Animaux, Fanfares d'Habitation, and Fanfares de Maitres et d'Équipages. The second volume includes the second and third parts. Part 2 comprises twenty Grands Morceaux for trompes in four and five parts, many by M. A. Sombrun himself; Part 3 describes in detail the hunt itself: De la Chasse a Courre, (excerpted from the Practical guide for the chausseur by M. Gaëtau De la Tour) Maladie des Chiens (excerpted from Les Chiens de Chasse, edited by M. H. de la Blanchère), Des Animaux, (from M. Gaëtau De la Tour) and a Dictionaire of terms relating to all aspects of the hunt.

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