Selected Instruments from the Dick Martz Memorial Horn Collection on tour at

Historic Brass Society
2nd International Historic Brass Symposium

New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music
New York, NY
July 12 and 14, 2012

The Largest and Most Important Gathering of
Early Brass Scholars, Performers, and Enthusiasts


Above left: Homeless man roaming the streets of New York with  a cart full of French horns. Right: same homeless man apparently helping himself to mouthpieces and tuning bits from the collection of Mason Jones.

Above left: Personal mouthpieces of Mason Jones, including his first, and wooden mouthpieces by Ward O. Fearn. Right: selected horns on display include Mason Jones' 1935 Kruspe; P.E. Schmidt (Denmark); Reginald Morley-Pegge's C.F. Schmidt; German OrchesterhornC.E. Doelling; and C.A. Wunderlich.


Above left: Paul Hopkins tries out Mason Jones's 1935 Kruspe "Horner Model." Center: Eric Brummitt discusses the role of Antonio Tosoroni in the development of the characteristic right-handed horns such as those of Ferdnando Roth and Meinl & Lapini commonly found in the city bands of northern Italy. Right: Horn-playing physicist Bob Pyle analyses the air path of the C.A. Wunderlich single horn with "pitch correction" valves.

Above left: Italian researcher Renato Meucci snaps a photo of the anonymous (probably Guichard) Stoelzel-valve horn. Center, Belgian horn historian Jeroen Billiet tries out the J.B. Steemans single horn. Right, renowned historical horn maker Rick Seraphinoff with Mason Jones' Kruspe.

Above left: The proper method of measuring the size of a horn's bell throat using the Dick Martz Memorial Horn Throat Measurement Tool. Right: Jack Masari takes his turn with Mason Jone's Kruspe.

Above left: Metropolitan Museum of Art Musical Instrument Curator, Herbert Heyde makes an organological point. Right: foremost musical instrument collector Henry Meredith ("Dr. Hank") and University of South Dakota's American Shrine to Music cataloger, Ana Silva pose for photos.


Attendees in the Saturday morning session wonder who let the homeless man in and why he is the only one applauding.

Photography by Jim Ungerman

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