Josef Franzl

The Barrère Ensemble of Wind Instruments

In 1910 flautist Georges Barrère (1876-1944) formed his Ensemble of Wind Instruments with fellow members of the New York Symphony. This was the second American incarnation of his Paris Société Moderne. Five years earlier he and Walter Damrosch had organized the New York Symphony Wind Instrument Club, a double woodwind quintet with Hermann Hand (formerly of the Vienna Opera) and J. Chernoff, horns. The new group comprised Georges Barrère and Rocco Guerrière, flutes; Albert de Busscher and Irving Cohn, oboes; Henry Léon Leroy and Harry Christmann, clarinets; Josef Franzl and John F. Heyer, horns; Benjamin Kohon and Emil Barbot, bassoon; and Carl Heinrich, trumpet.

A 1914 concert program from the University of Nebraska is representative of the groups repertoire. An undated Columbia Double Disk brochure describes the ensemble, provides revues from various cities it visited and lists a few ecordings.

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In the photos below (provided by kind courtesy of Mr. Robert Block) M. Barrère repeatedly expresses his gratitude to Mr. Franzl for his friendship and service. His acknowledgment reads as follows:
To my very good friend Josef Franzel [sic], with heartily thanks for his artistic collaboration over the birth of the Ensemble
his most gratefully
Georges Barrere
New York, April 15th 1912
Some reviews of the Barrère Ensemble:
March 1, 1910
March 8, 1910
January 10, 1911
November 28, 1911
January 23, 1912
December 16, 1913
February, 3, 1914
October 30, 1916
February 14, 1920

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The photos and postcards on this page are from the personal collection of Mr. Franzl.


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