Josef Franzl

On Tour with the Frederick Neil Innes Band, 1905

In 1905, Josef Franzl toured with the famous Frederick Neil Innes "and his band of 40 men" as Franzl wrote on the back of the card, at right. He identifies himself as "solo hornist" and names the other players: Evertz, Helmholz, and Peters (German) from Salt Lake City.

In the photo below, Franzl is pictured with the famous Czech-born cornet soloist, Bohumir Kryl (1875 - 1961), and fellow bandsmen, Joseph Mach and Frank Tryner. The photo is is actually a tintype, printed on metal, and in mirror image. (Compare the emblem on the band cap with the other photos on this page.) It appears to have been posed in a studio against a painted backdrop and cut unevenly by hand.

Bohumir Kryl joined Innes' band in 1902 as cornet soloist and assistant director. He performed to rave reviews in Los Angeles in May, 1905 at the time of these photos. The following year he left the Innes band to form his own Bohemian Band.

Joseph Mach and Frank Tryner are identified on the back of one of the other photos shown below. It has not yet been determined, however, which man is which. Frank Tryner is found as an arranger of several pieces for Kryl's Bohemian Band recorded on Victor records in 1911 and as the arranger of Kli Cuckoo Waltz (1909) by Antonin Dvorak. (Coincidentally, Dvorak was director of the Prague Conservatory when Franzl was as student there.)

A Joseph Mach is later identified as a conductor at the Metropolitan Opera in a New York Times article dated February 10, 1918. It is not known, however, whether he was the band colleague of Franzl shown here.

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Above, the band with instruments poses in Portland, Oregon on March 20, 1905. Innes is at front and center with Bohumir Kryl standing to the right. Josef Franzl is seen four rows back next to the bassoon player. In the two photos below, Franzl is pictured in Los Angeles on May 20, 1905 with fellow bandsmen, Joseph Mach and Frank Tryner. Franzl also had the photo at right cropped and printed as a portrait of himself (shown on another page). In the photo at the bottom left of this page, Franzl is shown three days later with the same two bandsmen and two other gentlemen in Redlands, California. On the back of the photo is written the name of a Mrs. Kryl but her relationship to Bohumir Kryl is not known. The photo at the bottom right also from 1905 shows Franzl with Bohumir Kryl, and several other bandsman (including either Mach or Tryner) apparently in transit in a small boat.

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The photos and postcards on this page are from the personal collection of Mr. Franzl.



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