V.F. Červený
Single Horn in F/E♭


Červený, Koeniggrats
Viták, Chicago Ill.
Wabash Ave.
Serial Number:
Date of Manufacture:
ca. 1903 - 1905
F, E♭ with terminal crook
3 rotary
Bell Flare:
wide vee-gusset, no garland
Bell Throat:
Bell Diameter:
Base Metal:
yellow brass with nickel-silver trim
(clck on photos for larger view)

This single horn was made by V. F. Červený & Fils, Königgräts (Hrádec Kralové), Bohemia, ca. 1905. It was imported and sold by Louis Viták of Chicago, Illinois. This was probably a stencil horn that was made for export and not engraved at the factory with the typical elaborate Červený label. (See another Červený horn in this collection.) Instead, the simple label on the bell (right) was probably added by the importer, Viták. The address at 204 Wabash Avenue dates this horn and its companion "Concert Horn" to between 1902 and 1905.
The horn has the serial number 20180 stamped on the ferrule below the third valve (right). It is only 3 away from the corresponding number on its companion concert horn, No.036 in this collection.
The valve set (bottom left photo) retains the spring tension adjustment thumbscrews designed by Jaroslav Červený in 1873 but with the rotors mounted vertically in the usual way instead of horizontally as on earlier Červený models. The number 1438 stamped on the underside of the valve key saddle is apparently a part number. The same valve set and number appear on the companion concert horn. This is probably a result of Červenýs adoption as early as 1843 of American manufacturing methods including the use of standardized parts.

The valve slides are marked to be extended for use with an E♭ terminal crook (bottom right photo).

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