G.B. Cazzani
Alto Horn in E♭

Label :
[applied medallion with crest]:
G.B. Cazzani & Co.
Prem. Fabrica
[bell engraved]:
T. Pirone
Serial Number:
505 / F.4 on valve bracket
Date of Manufacture:
ca. 1875?
E♭ Alto
3 Rotary (right-handed)
11.3 mm.
Mouthpipe Socket:
8.1 mm
Bell Flare:
Single Seam
Bell Throat:
approx. 8.0 cm.
Bell Diameter:
26.7 cm.
Base Metal:
silver plate

Giovan Battista Cazzani (b. Lodi 1846; d. 1920) was at first a watchmaker, then maker of saxophones. In 1912 Egidio Rampone, who in 1916 married Cazzani's daughter, became a partner and from then onwards they traded as Rampone & Cazzani, although reportedly the merger did not occur until after Cazzani's death in 1920.

A post US Civil War vintage over-the-shouder (OTS) valve trombone made by B. Cazzani & Co of Milano Italy was "likely imported after the end of the war by T. Pirone, New York." [See Phil's Old and Odd Brass]

Note: This horn is very similar to the Cerveny model CAH 501m "EEb-Alto Horn" (see below). It is distinguished from the similar "mellophone" design by the small mouthpipe receiver which accepts a standard size French horn mouthpiece and by the use of rotary valves instead of P�rinet piston valves. The accompanying mouthpiece, however, has a very wide 6.3 mm rim with an embouchure-swallowing 18.6 mm inside diameter.
The Cazzani alto horn is essentially the same as Cerveny model CAH 501m described as follows:

EEb-Alto Horn
3 rotary valves
Bore: 11,7 mm
Bell: 305 mm
For right hand
"French Horn style"


This lady is looking for some parts for her G.B. Cazzani E♭ Alto Horn
Having lost the third valve and main tuning slide assemblies on her alto horn, she is now forced to take up the baritone horn in order to keep her job with the village band. She is hoping that someone with the necessary parts will come forward to help a lady in disdress. Her number is conveniently posted nearby. Please call soon as the horn section misses her terribly.


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Phil's Old and Odd Brass


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