"Class A"

Label (Bell):

Class A, [trumpet logo: Trade Mark/Boosey], Light valve, Boosey & Co, Makers, 295 Regent St, London, 56280
Serial Number (bell):
Date of Manufacture:
ca. 1900
F (with terminal crook)
3 P�rinet
Mouthpiece Receiver:
(F crook)
Crook Socket:
Bell Flare:
V-gusset? with garland
Bell Throat:
Bell Diameter:
Base Metal:
raw brass

"Pea shooter" design based on the Raoux-Millereau popular in Great Britain in the first half twentieth century. The F terminal crook has been soldered to the socket and a brace has been added to secure it to one leg of the main tuning slide. As received the horn included two "stockings" to extend the main tuning slide. It appears that the valve section was originally a removeable sauterelle allowing the instrument to be played as a true natural horn. As received the valve section has been soldered to the corpus. The condition of the horn is fair but shows evidence of extensive re-soldering and some dent removal. The horn plays pretty well with a characteristic "bright" sound.


Journal of surviving Boos�, Boosey and Boosey & Hawkes brass instruments, with archival and catalogue data


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