Compensating Double
3 Coronets
Right-handed compensating double F/Bb
Serial Number:
Date of Manufacture:
ca. 1940
F and Bb
4 rotary (right-handed)
Bell Flare:
Bell Throat:
Bell Diameter:
Base Metal:
raw brass
Acquired from:

This is a compensating double horn in F and Bb by an unidentified maker although the three-coronet logo on the bell (see below) is identical to that used by Schuster & Co., Markneukirchen (1881-1943). The most unusual aspect of this horn is that it is reversed from the usual orientation such that the valves are for the right hand and the bell is held to the player's left.

From the player's side (above) it can be seen that the additional loop of tubing needed to shift from Bb to F is set off a larger than normal distance from the main coil. This, plus the unusual wrap of the mouthpipe, might be a clue to the maker's identity.


The label on the underside of the bell (above left) is a trio of coronets without any maker's name. They are identical in appearance and arrangement to the logo used by Schuster & Co., Markneukirchen (above right) which is probably the maker of this horn.

The valve levers are wrapped over the bridge (or fulcrum) to connect to the linkages to the valve rotors ("Type 1" leverage). This design is seen in some German and Bohemian horns but it is much more common for valve linkages to be connected between the lever and the fulcrum ("Type 2" leverage). Note also the articulated linage to the thumb valve. It is also unusual a thumb support next to a thumb valve. One observer suggests that this presumes that the thumb valve is not expected to be used for fluent playing, rather only for occasional changes between the Bb and F horns.

One other identifiying symbol is found on the underside of the second valve lever.


The above photographs and descriptions were provided by the previous owner, Paul Fox.