If you studied with Antonio Tosoroni you would use a horn like this 
Right-Handed Italian Model Single Horn

Label (2 cartouches on garland): SISTEMA

Serial Number:
Date of Manufacture:
ca. 1880
3 rotary
1.150 cm.
Bell Flare:
single seam with 4.5 cm. nickel-silver garland
Bell Throat:
6.5 cm.
Bell Diameter:
 29.2 cm.    
Base Metal:
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The horn above was a very popular design credited to horn virtuoso Antonio Tosoroni of Florence and Joesf Riedl of Vienna dating to ca. 1842. It was featured in Tosoroni's Metodo per corno a tre pistoni (Method for horn with three valves, 1846) and the Metodo teorico-pratico per il corno a macchina da potersi insegnare anche a quelli che non suonano il detto strumento (Theoretical and practical method for the valved horn that  can teach even those who do not play on that instrument, 1855) by Francesco Paoli (see a similar horn by Ferdnando Roth). It was used in many bands in northern Italy well into the twentieth century. This horn appears to date from ca. 1875 to 1880 and was made by Daniel Meinl under contract to Adolpho Lapini.

Daniel Meinl established his workshop in Vienna in 1849 as the successor to the widow of Thomas Mock.  Mock had flourished in Vienna only briefly as a maker of “chromatic wind instruments” from 1846 until his death in 1847, after which the workshop was carried on by his widow. In 1850 Richard Köhler is reported as Meinl’s assistant. Meinl is listed in an 1862 directory as an “exclusive private” wind instrument maker. He had an exhibit in Vienna in 1873.

Adolfo Lapini established his Grande Emporio Musicala in Florence, Italy in 1875. It advertised as a “Primary workshop of repairs for any instrument” and  “Elegant Musical Editions for Band, Orchestra, Pianoforte, Violino, Mandolino, etc. He supplied instruments to the city of Florence and the Corps of Firemen. The Museo Centro Studi Musicali “Giuvanni Ciuffeda” lists a corno constructed by Lapini.  He is listed as a woodwind instrument maker in the New Langwell Index flourishing in Florence in 1899 and had woodwind and brass instrument maker Efrem Benelli working for him. Lapini was also a very prolific music publisher.



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